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This quirky self proclaimed Gardenista is a renaissance woman blazing the trail of phenomenal women and defining her truth across vast mediums from Voice-Over to Horticulture. Standing 5’4 ½ , she is a dynamic, boastful ball of energy, ready to give her views on what’s new in mainstream media and radio, to excitably tell you about the best plants to plant in your garden and when, and quick to give her opinion on just about anything in the most unique way!

Crossing barriers that most radio personalities find it difficult to Adrianne has been a  professional voice over for over 15 years specializing in urban reads. A beloved on air personality, her fans know her as Delyte. She has had a radio career spanning over two decades that began as young woman in Jacksonville, FL at Clear Channel’s WHJX/WJBT, this led her to the air waves in Philly at Radio One’s WPHI , later to Alabama’s WEUP in Huntsville, AL (#1 in Afternoons 2 years) , and across the pond to London’s Zeta FM Mendenhall. Setting records at Greensboro’s Entercom Communications 102 JAMZ she had the highest most consistent ratings in the stations history (#1 in Mid-days 10 years). Most recent on 97.1 WQMG, commercials and voice overs all over the world she continues to innovate by launching an international music countdown podcast. 

Most women when asked would agree that they cannot be fit into a box! And Adrianne is no exception, she’s beyond the box. Several years ago she decided to start a small garden after having a fresh salad from a friend’s garden. This ignited a passion that introduced her to the benefits of fresh food and herbs, all while transitioning to a pescatarian. With bad reactions to processed foods and digestion issues she sought a better, more organic means of treating her symptoms. The backyard garden was beyond being a great therapeutic refuge, but also a cost effective way to provide healthy food for her family.

Adrianne, never one to shy away from sharing new discoveries, was empowered to soak in even more knowledge and would set her sails to become a certified horticulturist. The synchronicity of her journey as an on air talent and passion for gardening and healthy living only made sense to combine the two.  Adrianne just completed a pilot for her garden show that appeals to everyday people.  She emphatically shares all she’s learned with all of us, and she’ll continue to do so and devote the rest of her life to living the healthiest lifestyle she can and delivering insightful advice. "Can You Dig It?"

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